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Product name : Flanged braided flexible pump connectors
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Flanged braided flexible pump connectors are consist of annular corrugated hose, single or double layer braided mesh, collars and flanged ends.

We produce the Flanged braided flexible pump connector that can be used on pumps, equipment and coil connections as indicated in the specifications, drawings and equipment schedules. Flexible pump connectors can also be used where flexible connectors are specified on equipment that will operate at temperatures above 500℃.

The primary function of using braided flexible connectors materials for piping system connectors is to reduce pump vibration, especially in buildings and in applications in which extreme temperatures exist. braided flexible pump connectors have the ability to reduce the vibration. It is also excellent for reducing misalignment caused by those stresses, particularly in HVAC systems. This is why many engineers specify braided flexible connector in these applications.

The flanged braided pump connectors have been designed to control a variety of mechanical stresses, such as:

  • Vibration control
  • Noise reduction
  • Relief from system stressors
  • Prevention of system shock
  • Compensation for misalignment and movement

Flanged braided flexible pump connectors application:
Bulk Material Handling
Chemical Processing
Oil Refining
Power Generation
Pulp & Paper
Solar Power Plants
Steam pipeline
Steel Plants
Utilities Power Plants
Water Treatment Plants

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