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Product name : ANSI150 flange ss braided hose assemblies
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ANSI150 flange ss braided hose assemblies

SS braided hose is a corrugated stainless steel tube (helical corrugation on sizes to 2inch and annular corrugation on larger sizes) with external stainless steel braiding. It is commonly used in high temperature or highly corrosive applications where a rubber hose is not suitable.

Flange ss braided hose assemblies specifications:
1. Hose diameter: 1/2inch (DN15) --36inch(DN900)
2. Hose type: annular or helical corrugated
3. Flange type: floating or fixed flange
4. Flange standard: ANSI150LB
5. Maximum working pressure: 100Bar
6. Working temperature range: -200
 to +500
7. Flange material: stainless steel 304, 316L, 321 or Carbon steel
8. Braided hose length can be produced according to user requirements
ss braided hose
flange braided hose assemblies

ss braided hose assemblies applications:
Fluid: Cold or Hot water, Steam, Oil, Gas
Power plant
Steel mill
Rubber tyre industry
Palm oil
 processing plant
Fertilizer industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Chemical industry
Boiler industry
Paper industry
Lubrication industry
LNG, LPG, CNG stations
Cryogenic oxygen, nitrogen, argon pipeline

150LB flange braided hose
Braided hose pipe with flange

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