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Product name : BSP NPT JIC Stainless Steel Flexible Hose Pipe
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A female thread stainless steel flexible hose pipe assembly comprises of the hose and the end fittings, and are determined by the application in which the hose assembly is going to be placed. Compared to rubber and other materials which are used for hose pipes, stainless steel flexible hose pipe assemblies are an excellent choice for a variety of industrial usage and are suitable for the most demanding technical specification.
Stainless steel flexible hose pipe are used to provide piping systems with the flexibility needed to absorb noise and vibration, compensate for thermal growth, or permit motion of other piping elements.

Female thread flexible hose pipe consist of
annular or spiral corrugated pipe, braided mesh layer, collars and swivel nut connectors on both ends.

Female thread flexible hose
Stainless steel flexible hose pipe specifications:
1 Pipe material: SS304, SS316L or SS321
2 Braided mesh material: SS304 or SS316
3 Pipe size: 1/4inch-4inch (DN6-DN100mm)
4 Pipe type: annular or spiral corrugation
5 Connection type: swivel female thread
6 Thread standard: Metric, BSP, NPT or JIC, etc
7 Connector fittings material: stainless steel or carbon steel
8 Working pressure range: 0.1-20Mpa(Depend on hose size)
9 Working temperature range: -200
℃ ~ +500℃
10 Overall length: as per your request

ss flexible hose pipe advantage:
High physical strength combined with light weight.
Suitable for wide temperature range
Good corrosion resistance. resistance to fire, moisture, abrasion and penetration.
Absorbs vibration and noise from pumps, compressors, engines etc.
Compensates for intermittent or constant movement.
Compensates for thermal expansion of contraction of piping.
Corrects problems of misalignment.
A flexible and quick alternative for rigid piping in difficult locations.

Flexible metal hose pipe
Flexible metallic hose
Applications of the female thread stainless steel flexible hose pipe:
Compensation for misalignment – Reduces stresses
Controls vibration – Normal mechanical equipment vibrations are reduced at the connector
Reduces noise – High pipe vibration noise is greatly reduced and often eliminated
All metal construction available – Eliminates shelf life problems and allows operation at elevated temperatures
Absorbs thermal growth motion – Excellent protection for adjacent piping and equipment
Applications include:
Food industry
Chemical industry
Wine making industry
LNG, LPG, CNG gas station
Medical industry
Cryogenics and refrigeration
Marine industry
Steel plant
Power generation
Waste water treatment industry
Heating and ventilation
Paper and pulp
Heat conduction oil furnace industry

We can provide free samples of female threaded stainless steel flexible hose pipe for testing. the minimum order quantity of stainless steel flexible hose pipe is 1 pcs.

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