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Product name : 90 degree elbow female threaded flexible hose
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90 degree elbow female threaded flexible hose


Female threaded flexible hose can withstand very cold and very hot temperatures, both in the surrounding environment and in the material going through the hose. They also resist vibration, abrasion, and many chemicals and will not allow gas to permeate through the hose wall. These hoses are sometimes used as an outer cover for other hoses to protect them from abrasion and overbending. They keep their shape and will not collapse when under a full vacuum. Corrugated metal hoses (also known as jacketed hoses) are used for conveying products that need to be heated or cooled during transfer. They have a flexible inner metal hose enclosed in a flexible metal braided mesh layer (or jacket), and they have threaded fittings on their ends that help any material being conveyed through one of the hoses from moving into the other hose.
Female threaded flexible hose construction:
corrugated hose, braided mesh layer and swivel female thread ends.

Elbow female threaded flexible hose
Threaded flexible hose technical data:
1. Hose material: SS304, SS316 or SS321
2. Braided mesh material: SS304 (SS316 also available)
3. Hose size: 1/4inch - 4inch
4. Hose type: annular or spiral corrugated
5. Connect type: female threaded swivel nut
6. Threaded standard: BSP or NPT, Metric, JIC thread, etc
7. Operating pressure range: 1.6-20Mpa(depend on hose size)
8. Braided mesh layer: single layer or two layers braided mesh
9. Working temperature range: -200
℃ ~ +500℃

10. Fittings material: carbon steel or stainless steel
11. Total assembly length: 0.2-20m or as per your request

Female threaded flexible hose advantage:
1. Resistance to high temperatures and low temperatures
2. High strength and durability
3. Flexibility ideal for liquids, slurries, and gases
4. Vibration absorption
5. Reduces misalignment
6. Configurable and customizable based on machinery location and placement
7. Extended life cycle

Elbow thread flexible hose
SS braided flexible metal hose
Flexible stainless steel hose with elbow fittings


Elbow female threaded flexible hose applications:

Elbow female threaded flexible hose has diversity features of good flexibility, light weight, anti-corrosive, anti-fatigue and high / low temperature resistant.
Flexible hose used as compensation components, sealing components, connecting components and shock absorption components in all kinds of gas and liquid transportation pipelines and length, temperature, location and angle compensation systems. And it has been widely used in aerospace, petrochemical engineering, mine and electron, shipbuilding, medicine, light textile, energy, construction, metallurgy industries and so on.

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