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Product name : Sanitary Tri clamp braided teflon hose assemblies
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Sanitary Tri clamp braided teflon hose assemblies as known as tri clamp stainless steel braided teflon hose, tri clamp flange convoluted ptfe hose, it is consist of teflon inner hose, braided mesh layer and tri clamp fittings.
Stainless steel Tri clamp teflon hose

Sanitary Tri fl braided teflon hose specifications:
1. Hose size: 1/2inch - 3inch (special size can be customized)
2. Braided wire material: SS304, SS316 or add Cotton wire
3. Tri clamp fittings material: SS304 or SS316L
4. Maximum working pressure: 26Mpa
5. Working temperature range: -70
 ~ +260℃
6. Hose length can be provided according to your request


Stainless steel braided teflon hose advantages:

1. High temperature resistance: operating temperature up to 260℃. 
2. Low temperature resistance: good mechanical toughness, Even when the temperature drops to -196℃, 5% elongation can be maintained. 
3. Corrosion resistance: inert to most chemicals and solvents, resistant to strong acids and bases, water and various organic solvents. 
4. Weather resistance: has the best aging life of plastics. 
5. High lubrication: the lowest friction coefficient of solid materials. 
6. Non-adhesion: is the minimum surface tension in a solid material and does not adhere to any substance.

Sanitary flange braided teflon hose
Tri clamp teflon hose
Tri clamp sanitary flange braided teflon hose assemblies applications:
It has excellent chemical stability, high corrosion resistance, sealing, high lubrication, not sticky, electric insulation and good anti-aging properties, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, toughness and high strength, high temperature resistant, easy to install, widely used in aviation, virgin coconut oil filling Line, electronics, electrical, chemical, machinery, construction, textile, pharmaceutical and other industrial.

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