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Product name : Galvanized union flexible braided hose assembly
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Union flexible braided hose can be used widely in systems like water, steam, hot oil and gas with their resistance to pressure and flexible structure.
They are utilized for conducting liquids, compensating the problems originated from installation,absorbing vibrations and expansions.
Flexible braided hose may be strengthened by double braiding in order to increase their resistance to pressure and environmental conditions. It is also possible to reinforce them by springs with different wire thicknesses or by strip wounds to lengthen their service life for more severe environmental conditions.
union flex hose
Union flexible braided hose assembly specification:
1 Hose material: SS304, SS316, SS321
2 Hose size: 1/2INCH - 4INCH
3 Hose type: annular or spiral corrugated
4 Connect type: female or male thread union
5 Thread standard: BSP or NPT
6 Maximum working pressure: 10Mpa
7 Braided mesh layer: one or two layer braided mesh
8 Working temperature range: -200~+500℃
9 Hose length: as per your request
Union flexible hose advantages:

1. Good flexibility
2. Corrosion resistance
3. Fatigue resistance
4. Handle extreme temperature and pressure well
5. Long service life

Union flexible braided hose assembly applications:
Widely usd in machine tool, machine building,  transporting mediums such as air,smoke, all kinds of industrial gas, water and oil,electric insulation protection system, electric automatic control system,public traffic equipment, metro,electric locomotive and air-conditioner equipment, etc.
Can play an important role in hose reciprocating motion, thermal expansion absorption, vibration absorption and adjusting compound tube center.
Connector for gas, oil and water with modern equipment pipeline systems and project pipeline systems.

We make all kinds of flex-related products, such as flexible metal hoses, metal expansion joints, braidings, hose fittings, and related machines.
We supply flexible braided hose with the widest selection of products ranging from braided hose for value oriented customers to super flexible hoses to ultra-high pressure and high temperature hoses that satisfy industry's most demanding applications. Working closely with customers and suppliers helps us build quality products that meet or exceed compatibility and functional requirements, safety and environmental standards and deliver dependable, repeatable performance and value.
Our stainless steel flexible braided hose is offered in a variety of different material that meet or exceed even the most stringent service conditions that industry demands.

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