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Product name : Customized stainless steel flexible braided pipe
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Customized stainless steel flexible braided pipe

Flexible braided pipe also known as stainless steel metal pipe, metal flexible connectors, it’s a high quality flexible connecting pipe in modern industry, also an important connection element in engineering technology,and it plays as compensating components,sealing components, connecting components and shock absorption components in all kinds of gas transmission, liquid transmission systems and length, temperature, location and angle compensation systems.

Stainless steel flexible braided pipe is mainly composed of flexible body (corrugated pipe), mesh body and various joints in different forms. the inner pipe of metal hose is spiral or annular shape thin-wall stainless steel bellows, outer mesh cover is weaved by stainless steel wire and steel belt by certain specification. the corrugated pipe of metal pipe is made by paper-thin seamless or longitudinal seam stainless steel thin walled tube, using high precision plasticity deformation technology, the elastic characteristic of bellows outline decides pipe’s flexibility and fatigue resistance. flexible braided pipe can easily absorb all kinds of movement transformation and cyclic loading, especially satisfying compensation for larger displacement, plays an important role on thermal expansion absorption, vibration adsorption of pipeline systems.

Flexible braided pipe technical data:
1 Pipe material: SS304 or SS316
2 Pipe size: DN1/4"-4"
3 Pipe type: annular or spiral bellows
4 Connect type: female thread nut and welded pipe ends
5 Thread standard: M,BSP or NPT
6 Maximum pressure: 200Bar
7 Braided mesh layer: one or two layer braided mesh
8 Working temperature: -200~+500℃
9 Hose length: as per your request
10 Packaging: plastic film with wooden case
Stainless steel flexible braided pipe advantages:



Corrosion resistant

Fire resistant

High physical strength

Resistant to penetration and damage

High safety factor

Excellent at temperature and pressure extremes

Stainless steel flexible braided pipe application:

Power plant

Steel mills

Chemical industry

Oil refining industry

The cement industry

Ships and Marine industries

Instrument industry

Diesel exhaust system

Oil and gas transportation

Thermal pipe network

Renewable energy

Water treatment and wastewater treatment

The pharmaceutical industry

Semiconductor and electronics industries

Measurement and control system

Vacuum and high vacuum system

Pulp and paper industry
custom flexible hose

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tainless steel flexible braided pipe samples for testing

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