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Product name : Wear resistant stainless steel flexible hose
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Wear resistant stainless steel flexible hose

Wear resistant stainless steel flexible hose also known as stainless steel corrugated hose, high wear resistant braided hose, flexible hose connectors, etc.
Stainless steel flexible hose is mainly used in reciprocating movement, cross and friction pipeline system, can withstand very cold and very hot temperatures, both in the surrounding environment and in the material going through the hose. they also resist vibration, abrasion, and many chemicals and will not allow gas to permeate through the hose wall. They keep their shape and will not collapse when under a full vacuum. Corrugated metal hoses (also known as jacketed hoses) are used for conveying products that need to be heated or cooled during transfer. They have a flexible inner metal hose enclosed in a flexible metal braided mesh cover (or jacket), and they have fittings on their ends that help any material being conveyed through one of the hoses from moving into the other hose.
Wear resistant flexible hose is an important connecting component in engineering technology, as compensation element, sealing element, connecting element and shock absorber in various gas and liquid pipeline systems and length, temperature, position and angle compensation systems and strong wear resistance in piping applications.

Wear resistant stainless steel flexible hose construction:
metal corrugated pipe, braided mesh cover layer, wear resistant layer and threaded ends.
Wear resistant flexible hose pipe

Stainless steel flexible hose technical data:
1 Hose, braided mesh and fittings material: SS304 or SS316 (SS321 also available)
2 Hose size: 1/2"-4"(12-100mm)
3 Hose type: annular or spiral corrugated
4 Connection type: female or male thread
5 Threaded standard: METRIC, BSP, NPT or JIC threaded
6 Maximum working pressure: 100Bar
7 Braided mesh layer: one or two layer braided mesh
8 Working temperature range: -200
℃ ~ +500℃

9 Hose length can be special customized according to buyer's requirements.

Stainless steel flexible hose functions:
To absorb heat or pressure-induced expansion of piping system.
To correct problems of misalignment.
To provide flexibility in manual handling operations.
To compensate for regular or constant movement.
To absorb vibration and noise.

Female threaded stainless steel flexible hose

High quality wear resistant flex hose

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