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Product name : Stainless steel braided hose with thread nipples
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Stainless steel braided hose with thread nipples

Stainless steel braided hose is a corrugated stainless steel hose with external stainless steel braiding. It is commonly used in high temperature or highly corrosive applications where a rubber hose is not suitable. It is also popular in permanent piping installations and short lengths (jumper) in potable water, cooling, steam, or other liquid applications where a rubber hose does not provide enough flexibility or a long enough service life (rubber and plastics will degrade when subject to the elements). Our standard is the SS304 or SS316 hose with the SS304 single braided reinforcement (also available in double braided mesh cover). The braided mesh acts as a reinforcement to increase pressure ratings and prevent elongation - it is not designed to withstand dragging or abuse. It is also available with no reinforcement for vacuum or drain lines. In order to reduce the chance of failure, stainless steel braided hose cannot be "twisted / torqued" or flexed on more than one plane - special care must be used during installation. Also, when flow velocity exceeds a certain value, resonant vibration can occur in hoses and lead to premature failure (increasing the hose diameter or use of a liner can combat this problem). If vibration is severe, contact us for application information.
ss braided hose 

The stainless steel braided hose with thread nipples assemblies has an SS304 stainless steel inner hose for flexibility and resistance to corrosion and high temperatures and reinforced with stainless steel braided to resist expansion for maintaining maximum pressure. two pipe male thread nipples fittings are welded onto each end to form a high-pressure assembly with a connection that minimizes noise and vibration. This braided hose assembly is suitable for use in applications with high pressure ratings and high temperatures to transfer or convey air or liquid in hose systems.
Pipe threaded braided hose
Male threaded braided hose pipe
Stainless steel braided hose specification:
1 Hose material: SS304, SS316 or SS321

2 Hose size: 1/4"-4" (DN6-100mm)
3 Hose type: annular or spiral corrugation
4 Connection type: male thread nipples
5 Thread standard: Metric, BSP, JIC or NPT thread
6 Operating pressure range: 16-200Bar(depend on hose size)
7 Braided mesh layer: single or two layers braided mesh
8 Working temperature rating: -200
 ~ +500℃
9 Hose length can be provided according to buyer's requirements.
Stainless steel braided hose advantages:

1. High physical strength together with light weight.
2. Suitable for wide temperature ranging from -200
 to 500.
3. Anti-corrosive properties since its fully in SS, resistance to fire, moisture, abrasion and penetration.
4. Absorbs vibration and noise from pumps, compressors, engines etc.
5. Compensates for thermal expansion or contraction of piping.
6. A flexible and quick alternative for rigid piping in difficult location.

Braided flexible hose connector
Stainless steel braided hose with thread nipples applications:
Refineries, Power Plant, Steel Plant, Nuclear Installations, Fertilizer Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Cryogenic Service, Chemical Industry, Boilers industry, Paper Plant, Lubrication Systems, Automotive Industry, Steam, Hot Water pipeline, Pneumatic Service, Ports and Ship Yards, Defence Industry, Pump Piping, Vibration Absorption, etc.

Provide Stainless steel braided hose with thread pipe nipples samples for testing.
The minimum order quantity of stainless steel braided hose is 1 pcs.
Certificate of Origin, inspection certificate and material certificate can be provided.
Special custom services are available.

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