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Product name : Hydraulic rubber hose assemblies factory
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Hydraulic rubber hose assemblies factory

Hydraulic rubber hose is also known as hydraulic hose, high pressure hose, hydraulic pipe, steel wire high pressure pipe, steel wire braided hose, spiral wire hose, generally divided into steel wire braided hydraulic hose and spiral steel wire hydraulic hose.
The hydraulic rubber hose is divided into two categories: rubber material and rubber and plastic material. According to the production process, there are steel wire braided hose, spiral steel wire hose, wire braided hose and cloth clip hose.
The inner adhesive layer has the function of making the conveying medium bear pressure and protecting the steel wire or wire fiber from erosion. the outer adhesive layer protects the reinforcing layer from damage. the reinforcing layer is the skeleton material and the function is to ensure the use pressure of the hose.
Hydraulic hose assemblies
Hydraulic rubber hose

Hydraulic rubber hose assembly specification:
1. Hose diameter: 1/4"-12"
2. Hose standard: DIN, SAE, ISO, GB/T
3. Maximum working pressure: 70Mpa
4. Steel wire layers: 1-6 layers
5. Working temperature: -40℃ - +120
6. Connection type: female or Male thread, Camlock quick coupling, Union ends, Welded pipe ends, Flange etc.
7. Thread standard: BSP, NPT, JIC, Metric thread.
8. Flange standard: ANSI, JIS, DIN, GOST, BS, GB, Table E, etc
9. Fittings material: carbon steel or stainless steel
10. Hose assembly length: as per your request

Hydraulic rubber hose assemblies application:
Hydraulic rubber hose mainly used in mine hydraulic support, oil field development,Suitable for engineering construction, lifting, transportation, metallurgy forging press, mining equipment, vessels, injection molding machinery, agricultural machinery, all kinds of machine tools and various industrial departments mechanization and automation of hydraulic system with certain pressure and temperature of oil in the base (such as mineral oils, soluble oil, hydraulic oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil) and water-based liquids (such as emulsion, oil-water emulsion, water) and liquid move. rubber and plastic material of hydraulic hose, also known as rubber and plastic hose, is a new type of hose, its corrosion resistance and energy saving effect is obvious.

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