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Product name : FDA Sanitary food grade steel wire silicone hose
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FDA Sanitary food grade steel wire silicone hose

The sanitary food grade steel wire silicone hose is made of high strength polyester braided cloth and stainless steel wire, with high compression and vacuum resistance, good flexibility, durability, chemical resistance and heat resistance, which can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria. the hose is non-toxic and tasteless, suitable for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetics, food, dairy products, condiments etc.
Sanitary grade silicone steel wire hose

Sanitary grade steel wire silicone hose specification:
1. Hose size: 6-102mm
2. Materials: white platinum silicone
3. Reinforcement method: special woven fabric and stainless steel wire embedded reinforcement
4. Working temperature range: -40
 to 220
5. Standard length: within 6m--20m
6. Vacuum degree: 90%
7. Medical grade silicone hose certification system: FDA certification.
8. Cleaning method: CIP online cleaning, steam sterilization (30min.135℃) or radioactive sterilization, or high-temperature steam sterilization.

Food grade silicone hose advantages:
High compression and vacuum resistance
Good flexibility, durability
Chemical resistance and heat resistance

Sanitary union silicone steel wire hose

Application of sanitary grade silicone hose and hose assemblies:
sanitary grade silicone hose is especially recommended for transporting or transporting liquid or semi-liquid fluids for high and low temperature food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and for bioengineering. such as sucking food dairy products, food machinery and equipment connection pipeline, wine with the connection cather, oil equipment suction connection pipe, medical equipment connection pipelines, biopharmaceutical equipment transmission pipeline, soy sauce, peanut butter, oil consumption, beer, edible oil production filling pipeline, etc.

We can provide FDA Sanitary food grade steel wire silicone hose samples for testing.
Minimum order quantity of  sanitary grade silicone hose is 1PCS.

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